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My name is Mariya Baycheva and I am the person behind MOKUSO Astrology.

On paper(s) and by profession I am an urban planner with experience in spatial, sustainable and strategic planning. I also have a long time professional hobby as a portrait and fashion photographer, but the occult has been my love since I was very very young so here I am.

After being befallen by transformative eclipses and other important astro events in my personal chart in 2019 I decided I had the all consuming desire and need to come back to my great love Astrology and I started a process of certification.

This led to a tsunami of various events, occurrences, and literally thousands of hours of listened and attended lessons, read translated texts from Ancient Greek, Farsi, Arabic, and Latin on the techniques and information about the ancient sky observers and the instruments of the celestial advisor-astronomer.

My area of expertise encompasses three out of the four branches of astrology namely natal astrology and the art of forecasting - that being Natal astrology, the careful selection of auspicious moments or Electional astrology, and giving answers to very specific questions also called Interrogational or horary astrology (with certification in progress). To add to my  natal readings, I help people with the healing, nurturing, or strengthening various planetary positions in personal charts or the so called planetary remediation.

I am a certified hellenistic astrologer with a diploma from The Astrology School with teacher Chris Brennan. I've also studied with Kelly Surtees, Austin Coppock, Demetra George and Rob Bailey - all of them renowned astrologers and teachers in both traditional and modern astrology. 


What I believe is astrology?


Astrology is the art of divination by the measurement of natural phenomena of the stars via their natural and symbolic motion. Through that the astrologer translates meaning.


Astrology is a reading of and window to the quality of time. It is measured trough passed cycles, their repeatability, unrepeatability and uniqueness and depends on the astrologer's skills to divine on that.


The astrologer translates the movement of the stars as meaningful correspondences that play out in our personal, social and mundane worlds.


The astrologer is a time-keeper. 

Brief history and methodology

Brief history and methodology

In ancient times astrology was one of the highly esteemed natural sciences and its validity was intricately linked with the cosmology of society. From the 1st century BCE to the 4th-5th century CE it was accessible only to the most experienced and educated scholars, advisors, prominent figures, kings, and generals.


Between the 4th-5th and 13th centuries CE in the Hellenistic World, Egypt, Persia and the Arab world, astrology gained such magnitude that every ordinary citizen, regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, or religion, had basic knowledge of the movement of the stars, which they used to plan their daily activities and actions.


Despite the informal coexistence of the foundations of astrology with the religious views of the Western world, time came when the scientific discoveries of Galileo and Copernicus, as well as the religious battles between different churches, led to a change in the worldview and cosmology in Europe.


This changed people's views, and although astrology is symbolic and archetypal, with methods of observation and evaluation not subject to a geocentric or heliocentric model, it fell into the "old world order" and gradually declined as a practice mainly in Europe. This didn't happen in India and parts of the Arab world, where it remained highly respected, practiced and transmitted to this day.





My astrological practice is a synthesis between the traditional and modern approaches.


A big part of the techniques that I use are created in ancient times and are the building blocks that shape the astrological body of knowledge as we know it today.


The translation of those old texts and manuscripts has only occurred in the past 30-40 years. Astrologers and historians from the United Kingdom, the United States, Portugal, Hungary, Italy, and many other, began translating and testing in parctice the technical concepts of ancient astrology as they were practiced from the 2nd to the 13th century CE. Subsequently, they and we are trying to synthesize and adapt these concepts to the modern world, contemporary astrology, and the societal needs.


By working with me, you have the opportunity to benefit from a consultation based on these methods, which have sat for many years on library shelves as untranslated manuscripts, patiently awaiting their moment.


What's in the sky?

What's in the sky?

May is the month mostly related to Taurus this year. Venus, the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus move trough the earthy sign and give us support, expansion, nobility, renewal and shaking off in the Taurus part of our natal charts.


MOKUSO Astrology's newsletter is a bi-monthly astrology forecast.


It came to be in 2020 (we all remember this one), and in the beginning it was sent out to close people, who were both beta-testers and beneficiaries, who were not scared to give feedback.


Thanks to these beautiful people the newsletter evolved to what is it today - a bi-monthly guide for your days and endeavours.


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