Natal chart & year-ahead reading


This consultation combines a natal chart reading and an year-ahead forecast for the next 12 months.


This consultation is for you if you want to know more about the birth potential of your chart and are ready to see when and how it is activated.


A birth chart is a two-dimensional picture of the sky at the exact time and place on the day of your birth. It contains invaluable information and provides a starting point for self-knowledge and understanding of one's life path, direction, purpose.


The first part of the consult namely the Natal chart reading sheds light on why and how certain things happen and develop in our lives, but also gives insights on how to facilitate these processes as efficiently as possible, with understanding, care, nurturing towards ourselves and with lots of love.


The second part of this consult or the year-ahead is a thorough and comprehensive examination of the topics and areas of your life that are about to be "spotlighted" and become more felt and tangible in the next 12 months.



What is needed for a year-ahead reading?


    - Your birthday, month, year, time and place of birth;


    - Topics and question that currently excite you the most;




What do you get?


Within 48 hours of our meeting, you will receive an email with the download link for the recording of the video call as well as other relevant information.



How to book this consultation?


    - Through the "Book a reading" button;


   - This will take you to a form to be filed with the necessary information, and in the "Additional information" field you can write the main topics and questions that are of interest to you;


   - You need to make a payment;



Once you reserve an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email and I will contact you if I need clarifications or additional information.


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What do you receive?

  • After you reserve the day of our meeting and the payment is proceeded you will receive an email with a ZOOM meeting link.
  • A reminder will be sent a day earlier via email.
  • Up to 48 hours after our meeting you will receive a download link for the video consultation as well as other relevant information.

What information do I need to do combined reading?

  • Your birthday, month, year, hour and place of birth.
  • Topics and questions that feel more pressing or you are more interested in exploring.

How to book a combined reading?

  • Click "Book a reading";
  • This will take you to a form, where you will chose the date and time when you want us to meet;
  • Next you have to fill in the form with the information needed for a year-ahead reading; any extra info is added to the "your message" section;
  • You need to make a payment;

What does the "consultation" look like?

  • The combined consultation is an online ZOOM video call lasting 90-120 minutes.

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Please note that the day and hour of birth are of extreme importance for the conduct and results of an astrological consultation. If you are not sure about your birth time you can try to contact the local hospital or municipality to retrieve it. If this is impossible and your birth time might be even 5 minutes off a rectification must be done. Rectification is finding the birth time according to important life events.

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What's in the sky?

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